Amtrak Station Status Boards

A simulated Solari-type board is provided to furnish the status of Amtrak trains at any station that you choose - as if you were there - right now.

   Write in Station Code and hit Enter. (Station List)       
   Use your browser's "Control +" and "Control -" keys to scale the size of the display up or down.
   Use full screen.

   The display will update automatically every few minutes.

   Once an hour the board will be completely flushed and recreated.

   To create a bookmark for a particular station, it should be in this form:
    where xxx is the three-letter code for the station.

   If the motion of the "split-flaps" appears slow or choppy, most likely your computer is either slow
   or too busy doing other things. Try a faster browser, such as Chrome.

   Supported Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

   The Split-Flap display code is made available here by Pete Butler.

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